Cardamom Coffee Cake

Cardamom Coffee Cake:

A Near-Perfect Post-Saturday Run Snack!

Coffee cake…it was always a treat in our household. My Mom only made it on special occasions, but when she did, it seemed like it was always gone in a flash! Over the past few months, every now and again I’d all of a sudden crave coffee cake. Fortunately, it takes time to bake, so I never actually followed through with my cravings and let it go… [Read More]

National Sticky Bun Day

Happy National Sticky Bun Day

Brought to you by El Bolillo Bakery; Houston, TX

I’ve recently started following Punchbowl on twitter (my handle is activelifecook fwiw) which tells me all of the odd days that are out there. Well, today was a reason to celebrate…it’s National Sticky Bun Day (2/20/10)! I woke up early this morning, 6:30am to be exact, to surprise my husband with breakfast before he had to go into work. El Bolillo fit the bill… [Read More]

Chinese New Year

Happy Lots of Things!

Including, but not limited to…Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Blog Anniversary…

Well, seems like we were just celebrating the Western New Year, and here we are, Chinese New Year! I never celebrated Chinese New Year. Perhaps it’s because I’m a Caucasian female “true blue” American (we can trace both sides of my family in the US before the Revolution)? Perhaps it’s because I never really liked Chinese food? Regardless, I never had reason to celebrate the Chinese holiday. That is until now… [Read More]

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day…oh the commercialism that accompanies this “holiday”… [Read More]

I’m Baaaaack!

And Now for Something (not so) Completely


Preparing for a (half) marathon (happy beforehand above), injuries, fundraising, holidays, work, and vacation takes a lot out of a girl. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that I needed a bit of a break from blogging… [Read More]

Training Update – Week 20

Week 20: Ramping it up…

Plus Realizing Why Mom Never Let us eat Cookies for Dinner…


So, we are starting to get into the home stretch for this season’s training season. We are also in the thick of the Holiday Season, which means lots of obligations outside of training. Christmas parties, shopping, and work obligations seem to take over and come into conflict with our training schedule. However, it seems like we are still managing to get everything taken care of, even when everything seems to be going wrong… [Read More]

Bulgar Wheat Rolls

Bulgar Wheat Rolls:

You Won’t Believe They’re Whole Grain (and Vegan to boot…)


I must admit, I love bread…soft, warm, yeasty rolls fresh out of the oven. However, some just don’t seem to cut the mustard. Many are dry, brick-like, and *gasp* made fully with All Purpose Flour (APF for the non-foodies)! Well, I have fallen head over heals for these rolls, and guess what? I was able to make them vegan quite easily! Vegan or not, your family will fall in love with these rolls… [Read More]

Training Update – Week 19

Week 19: Holiday Pains…and Gains

Plus a Care-Free Lentil Curry Recipe!


This past week seemed to pass very quickly. We kept ourselves very busy with work and holiday activities, and also managed to get some running in too! One of the ways I tend to make my life easier during the week is taking the time to prepare a large batch of food on Sunday that will last me throughout the week for lunch. This week, I decided to take a break from my normal Tex-Mex style of chili and make what I like to nickname “Indian chili” or as most would call…curry! [Read More]

Training Update – Week 18

Week 18: Working Through the Pains…

and the Leftovers…


This week was a recovery week for us…recovery in a couple of ways. Recovering from the Thanksgiving Holiday (plus all of those leftovers, my vegan platter shown above) and allowing our bodies recover from 16+ miles of running over the course of 3 days! Luckily as the week has progressed, we’ve been able to ease back into our normal routine and divorce ourselves from night after night of leftovers! [Read More]

Training Update – Week 17

Keeping Up Motivation Over the Holiday Season…

Plus a Great Gnocchi Recipe for Leftover Butternut Squash!


Once again, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Mark is back off to work today, and I’ll be back to work tomorrow, so…back to the grind…until Christmas! This past week actually proved to be easier to keep up our routine than we would have thought. With the multitude of “Turkey Trots” across the country, it’s hard not to find a race to keep up your fitness level over the holiday (not to mention allow you more special treats). I digress…let’s dive into our week in review! [Read More]